Bespoke Digital Engagement Providing real-time brand awareness, lead generation, and thought leadership

Metavents is rooted within the digital space and dedicated to ensuring partners have the correct tools to decode the future.


Via our Bespoke Digital Engagement Platforms, we offer a unique opportunity to build new business opportunities as well as maintain existing relations in the form of bespoke webinars, bespoke digital events, Podcast series, publications, and whitepapers.

Customer-centricity is at our core as we tailor our engagement formats to our client's specifications. Our dedicated team of production, content, and marketing specialists use their expertise to ensure all our themes and topics are current and promote innovation. 


Bespoke formats available which are all tailored to your specific marketing and business development objectives

Live and OnDemand engagement enables greater and faster connections with customers and prospects globally

Establish your organization as a thought leader, improve brand awareness and enhance your customer experience

Immediate data insights that are seamless to collect and analyze, providing direct ROI

Unlimited global potential to boost networking opportunities from anywhere, with anyone, from across the globe

Reusable content that allows unlimited exposure and sharing of your message throughout the year, at any time, giving you ultimate flexibility

Eliminate the cost and time challenges associated with travel and other expenses

Corporate data management system (DMS) and document management system with privacy theme c

Our Platform Enables

Senior Level Industry Leaders to expand their learning, solve common industry problems, and identify external solutions to support their business objectives. 


Solution Providers to establish and nurture relationships with senior-level industry leaders, generate leads, and increase awareness of their brand, products, and services.


Grow your network through our bespoke digital learning and networking opportunities via our tailored live, online, interactive, and collaborative webinars.

Delivered as closed-door or open these webinars are exclusively hosted by a key industry stakeholder and/or solution provider.

Virtual Meetings

Grow your network and build your relationships via digitalised Virtual meetings.

Ranging from niche intimate meetings to private or public roundtables showcase solutions and expertise through a live, online, interactive, and collaborative meeting. 

Global Forums

Grow your network and build your relationships globally via our digitalised conferences and forums.


We connect buyers and sellers from around the world via our bespoke platform for discussion. Invite-only, closed-door discussion exclusively hosted by an industry provider.