Metavents Group is a Global B2B Digital Engagement & Market Intelligence company.

We are facilitating interactive knowledge-sharing and networking platforms for senior executives via state-of-the-art, digital business meetings, seminars, and networking forums - accelerating the performance of individuals and organisations.

As we move into the digital age It ​has become more important than ever for organizations to gain a foothold of digital networking and Improve their digital Presence. 

We are dedicated to helping our network and wider global communities, decode the future and become more successful and innovative, through our library of white papers, publications, podcasts, videos, case studies, and data, we are delivering content, trusted intelligence, and networking forums that are easily accessible and fully integrated into one platform.


Grow your network through our bespoke learning and networking opportunities via our tailored live, online, interactive, and collaborative hybrid conferences.


Grow your network through our bespoke digital learning and networking opportunities via our tailored collaborative webinars.

Private Engagments

Grow your network and build your relationships via Hybrid Virtual meetings. Ranging from niche intimate meetings to private or public roundtables.


Intimate discussions hosted in a fireside style chat, discussing the latest topics and trends from the industry and consolidating our understand of the market to date


Generate interest or build your understanding of the market via our publications & whitepapers. Both in-house and promotional content stream live, and accessible 24/7.

Lead Generation

Grow your network through our bespoke hybrid learning and networking opportunities.